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Title Track: Send Me A Pic

I have always loved a good title track. You knew a song was going to be lit when it was the title of the entire album. Some of the best to do it included, but are not limited to: Usher's Confessions, Queen Bee with Dangerously In Love, Donell Jones's Where I Want To Be, and the incomparable... Continue Reading →

Just an almost 30 something with some things to say. I am an afro aficionado (s/o to my naturals) who is a lover of tacos, has been a Family Guy fan since 00, is a true introvert, and enjoys taking the plastic off of new electronics. l I am no master. I do not have... Continue Reading →

Intro: Big Comfy Couch

A few weeks ago, Black Twitter blessed my life in a way that only it can. The thread posed this question...What would your real n**ga dissertation be? Answers included: "You Got Me All The Way F**ked Up: An Exploration Of The Mischaracterization and False Assumptions Assigned to Black People." "You Got McDonalds Money?: The Importance of Fostering Financial Literacy in Youth." "The Head Nod: An Examination of Affirmation, Validation, and Non-Verbal Community Building in White Spaces." "Who All Over There?: A Look Into Black Anxiety and Introversion After wiping my tears of pure joy, it got me to thinking... what would my dissertation topic be?

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